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I am new to the tivo world, and also to the dvd-r world. We got both new for christmas.
The tivo is set up and running fine. The dvd-r is below it and set up as the tivo manual says to set it up to have it able to record off of tivo/tv.

Only thing is we haven't been able to get it to record anything.

Since this is not really tivo related (just slightly) I wonder if there is any good messageboard for dvd-r and how to use them? Sort of a "DVD-R for Dummies"
My hubby has been downstairs for almost 3 hours now and he is not a dummy, he is a pretty smart guy. But he can't get the dvd to record - it seems like it is recording and it will record for the time we set and then when we go to play it back and see what took, nothing has taken.
I am wondering if we are missing something easy - something we just don't know about because we have never recorded dvd's (not even from the computer)....only vhs tapes.

We have checked and doublechecked the wiring in the back. That seems to be in order.

If this should be moved or deleted, thats fine. But if anyone has any suggestions, let us know. Send me a PM if you would like. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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