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Tivo 3 - Time Warner Cable Dallas

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I live in North Dallas and am looking to buy a new Tivo 3. I will be using Time Warner Cable as my provider. Can someone tell me what is the best configuration that will allow me to use my Tivo as DVR, but also take advantage of On Demand programming. Specifically, do i need two cablecards, keep the set top box, use IR to control DVR....

I have searched several posts and it looks like it varies by region, knowledge of cust support, tech, etc..

Any help would be appreciated.
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The S3 will replace the cable box. Your only option is if your tv has more than one input to run the tivo and cablebox at the same time or put the cablebox on a different tv.
I to live in the North Dallas area.

The S3 will not do OnDemand. Cablecards have no effect on the OnDemand programming.

Your options are as follows.

Keep one of TWC's DVR's or STB's.

OR... You can "ORDER" programming online (internet) or through your phone. It will then display on your TiVo S3 without any difficulty.

One caveat that I have noticed. Even if you order content via the phone/internet. You won't beable to Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, or record any of the OnDemand content with the S3.

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I keep one of their crappy Motorola boxes around for On Demand content. I haven't actually used it in a month, so I may turn it back in and save the $12 a month or whatever it costs.
Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I've been searching until my eyes bled and I can't seem to find a definitive answer. With the announcement of a new round of lifetime transfers for new HD TiVo purchases, I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure if the North Texas TWC area is on SDV or not.

I'm actually in Euless, but I figure it's the same programming set as in Dallas. I don't get any premium tiers right now, so my only HD channels are the local stations, ESPN, ESPN2, Discovery and TNT. Will I get to keep these if I upgrade to an HD TiVo with cablecard?

Thanks, folks, I appreciate any experience y'all can share.

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