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Tivo 2 locations as I move, MAK?

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I am in process of moving to Phoenix from Boston.

I have had tivos forever, moving them a trip at a time to phoenix. Get new cable card, tuning adapter, moves working fine

I use the same MAK in both places. They are NOT connected (VPN or anyway). Seems to work just fine in both places

My question, will the tivo system doing guide, etc balk at this ever? Or can I just keep moving machines one at a time, updating cable card, and one passes. Will the different machines grabbing 2 different cable markets be a problem?

It will take til December to get it all to Phoenix, so 2 tivos and a mini get Phoenix cox lineup, the other 2 and a mini get Boston FIOS for now
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My TiVos and my parents TiVos (all under my account) are in different locations, use different cable providers, have the same MAK. No issues.
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