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Time Warner NYC Chanel Changes 10/15

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Although your tivo's should automatically make the adjustment I don't recall so many channels being changed at once. So you may want to just be aware of the changes, heres the story

NBCU reportedly pays big for Time Warner channel switch
Starting Oct. 15, NBC Universal networks MSNBC, USA, Sci Fi, Bravo and CNBC will be grouped in the upgraded channel positions 14 to 18 in four New York City boroughs, as part of a lineup switch by Time Warner. NBCU reportedly paid as much as "several million dollars" to gain the superior positions and to ensure CNBC is separated from new rival Fox Business Network, which on Oct. 15 launches in MSNBC's old spot on channel 43. NBCU had no comment for this article; Time Warner said such changes are based on "convenience, viewership and groupings."
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I'm surprised a low channel number is valuable. Even before TiVo, the digits didn't matter to me, except for liking groups of similar channels (e.g., sports, movies, news).

Channels 14 to 18 are currently: ABC Family, CNBC, A&E, The History Channel, and The Discovery Channel - at least in TWCNYC, Northern Manhattan. Fox must not play this game at all. I always wondered why Fox Movie Channel is orphaned at channel 257 with the premium channels like HBO. FMC is the only part of the DTValue Pak (a standard digital package) that's in the 200s.
They all would love to have the lower numbered channels and usually those with the cash may get 1 moved at a time but now that everybody owns 5 or more networks this kind of deal makes more sense to them. Does FMC have commercials? if not that would be why its up at 257. TWCNYC has to make some ad revenue too and if there is no commercial time on a channel they are not going to waste it in a good spot.
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