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Tim Gunn's Guide To Style 9/6/07 "Rebecca"

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Anyone else watch this show?

I like Tim Gunn and was looking forward to his new show, but I must say I'm a little disappointed that it's an exact clone of What Not To Wear. I enjoyed it for what it was, and thought it was a lot better than the American WNTW (though not as good as the original, British version), but still, there was nothing original about it.

I really like Tim and it's too bad they couldn't find anything a little more innovative for him. He seems like a good host, very natural, but with two versions of WNTW out there already, the concept just seems very yesterday.
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Yeah, I was pretty let down by this too. I've never seen WNTW, but the whole thing seemed like a complete Queer Eye rip-off to me, except with two people instead of the Fab Five. I'll give it a couple more shots, but I'm not holding out a lot of high hopes for it.
They totally wasted Tim Gunn on this fluff. It won't be popular with the masses I'm afraid. I was really hoping they would have come up with a game of some sort ala "Project Runway" where he is in charge ala Tyra. Much more fitting. I did watch the sneak preview and yes, I watched the whole hour, and yes, the transformation was amazing. I did NOT set up a Season Pass. It's just not that interesting to me to help dumbass people who refuse to dress appropriately. No thanks. Hope they give him another show when this one gets cancelled. Too bad too. Tim Gunn is great.
I was really hoping for more.

There is one reason and one reason alone I watch any of these shows, and that is to see different styles of clothing on different body types, in order to train my eye.

Tim is trained so he can look at a dress and know that it is too short or long, and explain why. Those of us who are not Parsons trained need to have some examples of what the right proportions look like, so we can learn.

Give me more of that, and less garbage-bag therapy, and funhouse-mirror crapola.

Show me the shopping!

And especially give me less of the 'let's make fun of the old wardrobe and throw all the clothes on the floor / in the garbage can'.

Most of us don't have the money to go out and buy stuff all over again, so show us how things can be re-worked if they are almost right, or passed on if they are good clothes but the wrong clothes (as in 'this dress would be fabulous on someone else, but it's not right for you' or 'this dress would be fabulous if you took it up an inch').

If you were cleaning out your closet at home, in an ideal setting, you'd hang the giveaways up on a standing rack so they wouldn't get wrinkled and icky from being thrown on the bed or on the floor. Oh, yeah, the people at Dress for Success are going to want clothes that look like 'wadders' (the stuff that you wad up and shove into the most inaccessible corner of your spare closet). NOT!

I would happily go shopping with Tim Gunn, Carson, Leon from Fashion Emergency, or Isaac Mizrahi -- but if I'm going to do that, I already know my current wardrobe sucks, so don't waste my time rubbing my nose in what I already know.

P.S. as for What Not to Wear, the UK original -- while Trinny and Susannah are really good at picking out clothing that is the right LINE for someone to wear, they are AWFUL at how they put clothes together. I despise the look where you throw on a dress over a pair of trousers -- whether it is a flowy dress pretending to be a top tossed over jeans, or a flowy dress pretending to be a top over dress pants, I don't care, you look as if you never learned how to dress yourself. And they put together outfits that look like this kind of train wreck all the time. :p

I can't blame Tim Gunn for saying :p to the leggings. He probably feels the same way about that look as I do about dresses over pants.

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Oh, and by the way -- Tim was stumping for the new show and my ARWL caught him on The View and on Late Night with Conan O'Brian.

This season's lot of contestants from "The Next Food Network Star" should watch these two segments to get a good lesson about the importance of Staying on Message. :D

Here we have two shows which are wildly divergent in tone from each other, yet Tim got his point across no matter what.

By the way, I have the book and it is fun, though I am tempted to write Tim and explain why it is that so many of us are wearing oversized clothing. Obviously Tim is not familar with the principle of finding a garment that will go on over the Widest Part (whatever part that may be). Yes, we should tailor the rest so that the whole garment fits properly, but how many of us know 1) how far one can actually go in taking up a garment before the result is a disaster worse than the original bad fit and 2) have a tailor shop that we trust enough to make the alterations?

For example, if you are having the sleeve length altered on a double-breasted garment, DO close the buttons before the sleeves are measured (that is, do not measure the sleeves with the jacket hanging open). Otherwise, it throws off the sleeve length. You'd think an alterations person would know this, yes? But noooooooo. So I learned this one the hard way.

But I digress. It was great fun seeing Whoopi Goldberg and Conan O'. describe to Tim their personal fitting challenges. Maybe what the show really needs is for Tim to be the straight man (cough), and he should have guest comedians who have the same body type as the client, for moral support as the shopping partners every week. ;)

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Well, I don't usually do stuff like that, but after reading the comments on Tim Gunn's blog that were gushing about how wonderful the new show is, I sat down and wrote a long post where I said the ordinary makeover show format that they followed for this new show was like an ill-fitting garment, and they needed to let Tim talk more about design considerations and do more things which reflected Tim's 'make it work' attitude on Project Runway.

And I was not the first person on the talkback which said that the show was like an ill-fitting garment.

I don't expect the producers to listen -- clearly they feel they have to pander to the five-hanky-moment segment of the audience -- but at least I got my rant in.

Just wanted to mention that my Tim Gunn auto-recording wishlist picked up yet another promo for the show, an appearance by Tim and Veronica on "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet" which is apparently Fox's answer to Regis and whoever.

Instead of clothes being shown on models, as in Tim's appearance on The View, on this show, they had the little black dress on a dress form, and the rest of the clothes on hangers on a standing clothes rack.

Now I want to know what genius decided to shoot this segment on a set which was (as far as I can tell) an empty stage with a black curtained backdrop.

How can you see any kind of detail on a little black dress which is shot against A TOTALLY BLACK BACKGROUND?

I can see a little bit of flesh-colored dress form sticking up out of the neckline of the dress. That's it!

Also, Juliet said that they would have Tim's checklist of 10 essentials available to download on their website, but if they do, I'll be damned if I can find it.

Which also makes me ask why BRAVO doesn't have a downloadable PDF of the 10 essentials on their website.

The producers are really dropping the ball on this one.

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So Jan, tell us what you really think! :D (j/k)

Actually I really enjoyed your posts and agree with several of the thoughts. I like WNTW for about ten minutes, but what you said about body types, money and mocking my current wardrobe is right on.

I have said that if I was ever put in the position or offered to do the show, I would mail my favorite baggy tee shirts with cute sayings on them to a good friend that would understand. No way would they get their hands on my "Han shot first" tee shirt!

My sister has that - pear shape I guess - body, and has hidden/been comfortable in the oversized stuff. We followed 'rules' and put things on her and nothing looks like it does on the show. (of course not) she gave up. I am one that can't stand pretty pointed shoes. Give me a great handbag, fine, but shoes, no thanks.

So why not have a show that can deal with or work with a person's comfort zones in clothing? Why not have it so they come in and say 'if you really like jeans, thats fine, but get this brand to fit better' or 'ah, you like tee shirts, well lets see what we can find for you that will compliment and be comfortable.'

Or as you said, go thru my current closet and not berate but explain why this works and this doesn't. And what to do to fix it!!!!

Thanks Jan, you said it best, so I must +1 you!
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Just wanted to bump this thread to say that the episodes I've watched since this one have been better -- less gorpy emotional stuff.

Same format, they still send the victim to coaching when necessary, but the coaching segments have been much less obnoxious.

For the episode with the fashion-challenged mom on 9/20
Laura from Project Runway is the coach

My wishlist also caught Tim on Rachel Ray, where Tim visited a client's closet and showed her clothes to her on models, so she could look at things with a fresh eye. He showed her three different 'looks' which she had not done before. This is fun, and I wish they would do more of that on the show (when possible).

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