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So I received the PS I had already ordered, connected it to the chassis and power leads to the board and drives, crossed my fingers and... it worked.

So now I have a $60 power supply replacement that works and a broken one that I tried to fix with $16 worth of Digi-Key caps.

I'd still like to get the bad one working but I'm not sure it's worth the time at this point. What do you think Unitron?
suggestions to look at:
1) all semiconductors (transistors, thyristors, etc). If there is a crowbar circuit, the SCR could easily cause a ticking sound.
2) transformer windings. Possible short in the winding could be a problem.
3) power supplies are generally fairly easy to suss since there is a well-defined input and output. Start at the input and trace onwards. A good milestone point is any "high voltage" DC intermediate, like the output of the primary rectifiers. Those btw would be good targets for checking -- is the just-rectified DC output look right (in waveform and in voltage level)?
4) since you just replaced the caps, checking the resistance across each cap to make sure you didn't introduce a short by mistake. Pay attention to which way you apply your ohmmeter (remember it is sourcing DC to make the measurement and has a polarity +/- (which often is opposite what you would guess)).
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