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Thread TvMomMpegSink <164> died

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Hi all

My wife was watching a program tonight and during an ad break, Tivo rebooted

In the kernel log is

Jul 8 20:42:04 (none) kernel: Tmk Assertion Failure:
Jul 8 20:42:04 (none) kernel: ReleaseMultipleBufInt, line 1523 ()
Jul 8 20:42:04 (none) kernel: Tmk Fatal Error: Thread TvMomMpegSink <164> died due to signal -2

Any clues?

This doesn't look like the usual sort of disk failure/error reboot to me, but it's done it twice

Many thanks

PS This may be connected to a major disk corruption I had a while ago when the 'lemon rescued most of my stuff

This particular program is 3 hours long, but in Tivoweb it says "Duration 26:55 (1:56) "!!! and in the NowShowing list, it says "175 (92)"

I reckon this entry in the database is sc***ed :eek:
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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