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THR22 locking up, Anyone else haveing this problem?

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A friend of mine just called me and said that his THR22 has locked up on him 4 times since he installed it.
It occurred once when watching a recorded program, twice when setting up a season pass and once while setting up his network connection.
Anyone else have this problem?
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28 hours into mine no problems, thankfully.
No issue yet (about 33 hours) so far on either of my 2 units. I would tell your friend to exchange it.
Just talked to my friend.
He said that D* is sending an installer out next week with another unit.
Told him not to be surprised if they bring out a D* DVR.
Well... My friend got his replacement THR22 installed last week, and it works fine, no lockups.
I told him to call the install group and insure that they were bringing out a TiVo THR22.
The install group said that they didn't know anything about bringing out a THR, and was just bringing out a D* DVR, so lucky he called.
He had made it very clear with D* CSR that he needed a THR22, guess they don't have any way to specify which DVR to bring out.
So if anyone out there orders a THR22, and it is being brought out by one of the D* installers, be sure to call them to insure that they will bring the correct unit.
D* sends out a conformation letter with a phone number to call if you need to cancel the visit or change the date, so use that phone number.
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