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I have an XBOX360, and for a while I was playing around with the Windows Media Connect service on my computer. If you don't know what that is, it's the service you have running on your pc so that you can stream music and photos to your XBOX360 console.

Think TiVo and TiVo desktop, but for XBOX.

Well, I stopped messing with it awhile ago. Back when I was, I'd configure the service and it would 'discover' my XBOX360 (it was the only thing it found), and so on.

Tonight I opened up the service (I was going to configure it so that it would not run at all), and in the list of devices it found a 'new unknown' device. The MAC address was displayed, so I popped into my router, and the device turns out to be my TiVo S3! I've had this S3 for as long as I've been playing around with Windows Media Connect, but this is the first time I have seen it 'discovered'.

I wonder what this means, if anything?

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Could mean that instead of the current MRV system of copying programs to the destination TiVo, they plans to use a steaming system akin to MCE Extender for multi-room viewing. Or it could just mean they use similar UDP packets for discovery and the XBox is confused. :)

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