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I believe the warning means that if you don't delete anything yourself, the accumulation of recorded shows will not allow themselves to be purged when free space is needed to record more shows because the already recorded shows' "will be kept until" date has not yet passed.

I think if you say "Ok" to this warning, and you do delete things on a regular basis, that the shows that TiVo said it wouldn't be able to record will get recorded.

TiVo cannot presume you will delete anything yourself. So it can only base its guess of what it will and won't be able to record on how long already recorded shows and the show you want to record when you see the warning will hang around until purged when space is needed. (Does that make sense?)

We have a viewing model in our house that has lots of stuff recording all the time, and since we watch something every night, we have lots of stuff being deleted every night. So we never run into real space issues, despite any warnings we might recieve while setting up new recordings.

Does any of that help?

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