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ddrultramix said:
Ok let me get this straight. So, if I set ALL of my tivo recordings to "keep until space needed" I can say "record 1000 shows" and it will, but it will just automatically delete the ones in the way of space? And that way it wont say "Will record this but not this:" and instead it will say "Will record this, but this may be deleted". Am I correct?
That's correct. It will say "I will record ABC, but program DEF will be deleted early." What it really means is that DEF will expire early, but tivo never actually deletes programs unless it actually needs the space at that moment.

Try to avoid overuse of "Keep Until I Delete." When it comes to scheduling, of course tivo must assume that those programs will still be there when it is time to record a new program, since you've told it you want to keep those programs for ever. I generally use KUID only for programs I want to keep around for very extended periods. Like years.
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