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Thinking of going back to Tivo, due to horrible Time Warner

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Hello all,
I recently moved to NYC and have Time Warner cable. I ABSOLUTELY hate the Program Guide and how slow it is to change channesl. it is SLOW. SO SLOW to navigate channels that i use my iphone Tv Guide App cause i cant take it. All the options such as making favorite lists (impossible to do, just one default favorite) etc are just stupid and non practical if existent at all.

I am looking to jump back on Tivo i havent had one since the first generation ones (which i loved although it had some limitations that were a bit annoying but that was almost ten years ago) and my main question is since i will be losign my Cable box, will i have a Tivo channel guide to navigate? And when switching channels on live tv is it real time surfing or are there long pauses between channels? Can i watch something and record something else on a different channel simultaneously with only one cable plugged in to the Tivo Box?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!
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Can you make favorite lists, like Sports / News / etc
You will have a program guide, but channel switching isn't exactly instantaneous. I just timed one and it took 5 seconds. Sometimes it takes even longer. This is for a TiVo HD model, with a Tuning Adapter on Time Warner in SW Ohio.

Whether this would be faster without the TA, I don't know. But I would be unable to get half the channels I watch (which are SDV) without it. Also, about 5% of the time (just a guess) tuning fails and has to be retried, or if it's for a recording I just miss the recording. TiVo has been aware of the problem, which can occur on Premiere's also, for well over a year and could fix it quite easily with a software update in my opinion ... but they haven't.

See if your TWC region is using SDV (and thus you need a TA). They have been a real PITA for many folks. Some TiVo owners just don't use the TA (thus giving up channels they should get) just to avoid the hassles.

In case it hasn't hit you yet, the technical and purchasing aspects of TiVo have become much more complicated since you last owned one.
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What exactly does a tuning adapter "at little or no cost to you" translate to in $$$?

The delay between channel switching sounds terrible. Thats worse then the the one on a regular hd dvr box :(

Can you make "favorite" lists on your tivo program guide at least?

How do i go about finding out if my Time Warner is using SDV channels?
The TA is normally free, furnished by TWC. You will also need a multi-channel CableCARD to insert in your TiVo, which rents for a few $$/month.

On the TiVo HD, you can set up one group of favorite channels and set your PG to display it. Not sure about the Premiere.

Browse the website for your local TW. Call their support. (Good luck with that, they typically barely know what a TA or SDV are -- since these things are transparent to the 99+% of their customers that don't use TiVo's.) Post your location or, better yet, add it to your forum profile so it shows up by every post and other people in your TW service area can tell you more about SDV and TA's than TW ever will. Yeah, I know you said NYC, but I don't know whether all boroughs are in the same TW service area.
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