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thinking of buying tivo in australia

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I'm considering buying tivo in Australia.
I used to own it in the states and loved it.
But Im wary of buying it here.
So little support for it here in stores.
So little support for it by Tivo.
Feels like its disappearing. Or something is about to happen, a new model is about to be launched and they are just getting rid of old stock. Though I doubt it.
Is it likely that the 350G will become redundant or is TIVO futureproof.
Just looking for general feedback from the TIVO community I guess. Is it liked/ hated?
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TiVo is currently distributed in Australia & NZ by a company called Hybrid. Hybrid are owned by Channel Seven and TVNZ. While they have really buggered up the distribution and support for TiVo, I think it is very unlikely they would just drop TiVo and leave their existing customers high and dry.

I don't think we will see a new model TiVo anytime soon. If anything was to change, we might see a larger hard drive model. But even this is unlikely and certainly not before the Christmas sales period.

So if you want a TiVo to record shows off air I'd say go ahead, but if you want it for streaming movies from the CASPA service I suggest looking elsewhere as this service seems to be fairly stagnent as far as new titles are concerned.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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