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Now that's just too strange. The first time I recorded The X-Files movie in HD from HBOHD via Time-Warner Cable, it locked up in the scene with Mulder and Scully in the hall with Scully saying she's put in for reassignment. Having had problems with certain showings of John from Cincinnati, I figured if I recorded another airing it won't have the problem. (I know that by being aware of where the problem spot is I can use the 30-second skip to get past it.)

Well I just started watching the re-record of The X-Files movie and it locked up in the exact same spot as last time. Even the closed captions were screwing up in exactly the same way. This airing was 10:45 am CT, Monday, 8/20. It also has Restrictions marked on its information, but another HBOHD movie does not. Another comedy recording does, but it doesn't lock up the unit.

This was the first time it ever eventually rebooted on its own after such a lockup. I've always had to disconnect it from power first.

The unit is a TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder (the OLED & THX model).
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