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The Wire Season 4 - possible spoilers for entire series

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I have had the entire fourth season of the The Wire saved on my TiVo because I hadn't finished watching season 3 when it originally aired. My wife and I just finished watching the second to last episode last night and we just can't believe how good this whole season has been. Work is going very slowly today because I can't wait to get home and watch the finale.

I have been reading articles about how this show was robbed when it wasn't even nominated for the best drama Emmy. What is it about the nomination process that failed in getting this show nominated? Has there been any word on a 5th season?
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The process involves sending a few episodes as screeners I believe, which will never do a show like the wire justice.

The 5th season is coming in early 2008.
Yeah, typical Emmy screeners include only two episodes. (If only because you can't expect Emmy voters - who a literally bombarded with DVDs - to watch anything more).

As for why The Wire keeps getting shafted, I'm not entirely sure that HBO promotes it quite as well as they could.
5th (and final) season is expected to premiere on January 6, 2008.

Just starting to re-watch The Wire from the beginning with Ilana. While I know how good it is now... I was remembering how I thought how slow the first couple of episodes were (got done the first 2).

Now with the new fall season starting... it will be difficult to continue to watch (but we will try).
TAsunder said:
The process involves sending a few episodes as screeners I believe, which will never do a show like the wire justice.
My wife and I were talking specifically about how the nail gun that they bought in the first five minutes of the first episode (when they decided to go with the top of the line model) is how Lester finds the bodies in the vacants. This kind of complexity can never be construed by selecting and watching only 2 episodes of this season.
Even if it were nominated, The Wire had no chance of winning anything this year. The Sopranos could have just been Tony eating a ham sammich for an hour every episode and it would have won the same awards it won this year.

It's funny how "everyone" considers The Sopranos the best tv show ever but The Wire is a much better show.
Who considers the sopranos the best tv show ever?

Also, eating a sandwich would be more interesting than looking at trees waving in the wind for 5 minutes.
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