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The Simpsons -12-18-05 - Spoilers

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I liked this one better then the others. I really think that The Simpsons should do every episode this way.
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I really enjoyed this episode, much like the Halloween episodes with several vignettes.

I thought that the Nutcracker segment was well done, especially with Moe's attempted suicide sledding down the hill through traffic (and the final "Uh! 18 wheels and they all missed me!").

Given that they've done so much with the traditional 22-minute story, I hope they give us a couple more of these mini-stories episodes during the season.

Whoops... didn't see the other thread... Will get this one moved.
I liked it too. Vignettes work well for The Simpsons.

I would've thought Mr. Burns would be a lot older than he seemed to be during WWII. But I know it's just a show and I should really just relax. It was funny, and it was good to see grandpa (even Young Grandpa Simpson) again.

And it's always nice to see Maggie's star parka.
My wife, who seems to have no sense of humor even liked this episode.

Very good one for X-mas...
This episode is another that will not be dated in 5 years.

So far grandpa has been in Europe fighting in WW2(the paintings and he and Burns being the only 2 left from a special unit), and now he was a navy pilot lol Gotta love how the family never catches those things lol
TeeSee said:
I would've thought Mr. Burns would be a lot older than he seemed to be during WWII.
And Santa looked way too heavy for his WWII days. :)

This ep was pretty good. No laugh riot, but it was fairly consistent. I thought the middle story was a little too much (OK, Grandpa is senile, we get it), but even it was funny at times.
I liked the ep a lot. Plenty of good laughs. I'm guessing Grandpa's long lost brother won't be a recurring theme, even though we continually get a long-lost sibling every so many years. AK :(
When "young Grandpa" was mentioned by name, I laughed. When he said his brother "wouldn't be spoken of again" I thought it was a one-liner joke, then he told the story of his brother and met up with him again, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the character again sometime...
I thought it was interesting that there were pigs in the manger scenes. :)
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