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I had an incident the other night with my little boy, the TiVo remote control and the Emergency Room.

To make a long story short ... my 10 month old son swallowed the TiVo button off the remote control.

The TiVo button at the top of the remote control is made up of a rubber button just like all the other buttons on the remote that is covered by a piece of hard plastic that gives it the raised appearance and feel. There is some type of adhesive that holds the hard (clear) plastic top onto the rubber button. Well over the past 3 or 4 years of use ... the plastic piece had started to separate from the rubber piece ... my little man being the curious guy he is picked up the remote control and put the end in his mouth. When I noticed that he had put it into his mouth I immediately took it away from him.

A couple of minutes later I noticed that the "feel" of the remote was not the same ... I looked and the Tivo button (more precisely ... the clear plastic from the TiVo button) was missing. My wife and I spent about 30 to 45 minutes looking for the missing piece, but it was no where to be found ... the little man had swallowed it.

I wasn't sure what my level of concern should be so I went into another room where we have a second TiVo and proceeded to remove the plastic piece from the 2nd Tivo's remote ... it popped off with relative ease. The piece is pretty sharp on the edges so my wife and I decided we should take the little man to the ER just to be on the safe side. We put the 2nd TiVo button into a small sandwich baggie, bundled up the little man and drove to the hospital.

While at the ER the doctor ordered x-rays to make sure that the plastic piece had not gotten lodged in his throat or moved into his lungs ... thankfully it did not. The ER doctor told us that it should pass in a few days. He said that there is a very very slight risk that there could be some kind of damage as the piece moves through his digestive system, but he assured us that the chances were almost non existent.

This thread is just a reminder that even the most innocent items in the house can be dangerous for little kids, and that things can happen in just a split second. I just thank God that he did not get choked and that everything looks like it is going to be just fine.
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