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The Pretender - worth watching?

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I've always wanted to watch "The Pretender". My sister and her husband were huge fans while it was on, but that was before TiVo and I never saw anything on Saturday night. I finally got to see it today when I had to get up early with the baby (it airs at 6:00 AM here).

It seems like a pretty good show. I was thinking about setting an SP once TNT gets back to the series premiere. Does anyone have thoughts, good or bad, about it?

I understand the show is somewhat serial in nature. So, no spoilers, please!
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I set up a wishlist to grab the pilot and started from there on TNT. "Drama in the AM" :rolleyes:

It's pretty good. There are a couple of crossovers with profiler as well, which sometimes air on CourtTV or another channel. I was lucky in that I got to see both crossovers fairly close to the Pretender eps they were attached to.

There are also a couple of made for TNT movies to go along with it and try to provide some closure to the story.
I watched the entire series and both mediocre movies. It is very formulaic. However, I enjoyed the characters and all the revelations. I liked it enough to catch all of it in the days before TiVo.
I also watched allthe episodes of the Pretender when it was on live. I really liked it. I wish they would do a movie that would wrap up the story. I thought the show did a lot to move the plot along. You will enjoy.
I watched most of the first season. I remember enjoying it. Very Fugitive'ish.

I enjoyed it while it was on. It would not have been nearly as good if not for the intrique provided by The Center stuff. I would love to see a wrap up movie. There were still too many unanswered questions when it was all over.
I was pissed that neither of the movies wrapped up any of the plotlines. That was four hours wasted.
It's worth a look. When I was watching it I was always reminded of "The Incredible HulK" from the late 70's/early 80's -- a person travelling around the country helping out the people he encounters, all the while be hunted by someone else. The people from the Center, the organization trying to re-capture Jarod, provides the most the interesting part of the show IMHO.
They were 'supposed' to do a third movie, that was 'supposed' to wrap everything up, but alas no love on that.

As for the show, I loved it, watched most of it live, and re-watched the run on TNT. Definitely good to watch if you are looking to Tivo a series.
I'll give it a thumbs up.

Now what more recent show uses the same outside shot of the Center?
Originally posted by JimSpence
Now what more recent show uses the same outside shot of the Center?
Mutant X is one.
I watched most of the run, but got the most enjoyment from the early episodes. So, I'd say it's definitely worth a look. Not the best thing ever produced, but a nice diversion.
I like it. I like the earlier ones better, when it was more about Jared being a Pretender and less about amazingly complicated intrigue at the Center.

But no matter which ones you watch, you can be guaranteed that Miss Parker is hot! :)
Mmmm. Ms. Parker.

BTW, season 1 is supposed to be released on dvd sometime in March I believe. Can't remember the exact date offhand. Loved the show, but do wish they had managed to tie up a few more loose ends.
I think I've seen most of the series now thanks to Tivo and one of the movies.

*smeeked everyting below*
I REALLY liked it. There is a rummored 3rd movie, or atleast was, no idea if that's totally dead yet or not.

They released the series in Fance on DVD where it was extremely popular, last I checked no ETA for US.
Originally posted by TreborPugly
...But no matter which ones you watch, you can be guaranteed that Miss Parker is hot! :)
I've only seen one and I already know that's a true statement. :)

She also looked amazing during her short stint on "ER".
Entirely different kind of roll for her on Less Than Perfect.

Still hot, though.:)
i kinda stopped watching it when that dude's eyes got more eyeliner than the chick.
The Pretender is one of those shows that, in the days before TiVo, I never missed every week.
The Pretender Season 3 DVD was just released so I was able to catch up on the episodes that I missed. This season has two of my favorite episodes – Homefront and Murder 101. I was shocked at the ending of Murder 101.
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