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The Office - "Tallahassee" - 2/16/12

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Ok so I have to admit I somehow missed the announcement that I now see was all over the net last October.

I'm thrilled actually, because when Dwight showed her picture I wanted to scream....(in a good way)...

She's back!!!!!!! Catherine Tate as Nellie Bertram!!!! YES!!!!!!! I think I prefer not having known in advance as it made me a lot more excited.

My first choice was James Spader (who was fantastic in the season finale), but his character has left me cold this season (I don't blame him, however).

But I have a new found excitement for the show. I thought Catherine was also hilarious in the finale and I would have taken her or Spader on the show.

But both? I don't know if I can take it. :)

Admittedly on this episode she wasn't as funny as on the finale, but I expect to like her more as this arc moves on. They basically had five minutes or so to strut their stuff in the finale but now there's no rush. ;)

Overall I thought this episode was "pretty good." I admire Dwight's determination to get the Vice President position. When he's not being a d*ck he's actually a pretty good guy.

My enthusiasm for the show is restored (for now).
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Thought that there was a lot of good stuff in this episode.

The cold open was a classic Jim prank and it got better with Stanley and the car, Todd Packer!, and Nelly.

I also liked seeing Andy doing the receptionist's job.
bryhamm said:
And Creed once again with a great line.
"I've already written 12 plays today."

This episode was so good I watched it twice...haven't done that in a while.

One thing I missed the first time through - when the lady at the gift shop asked Dwight what his son liked, he said "power". :)
Great epsiode...perfect blend of offbeat humor with pretty much the whole crew.
The prank at the beginning really made me laugh out loud. Great episode. They've been lackluster lately, but this was great.
I loved Jim's realization about Stanley. He doesn't think he has what it takes to be like him. lol
I was LMAO pretty consistently throughout this episode. Especially all the physical humor with Dwight.

So Packer.... he's totally going to nail Nellie, right? :)
"Don't get blood on my shirt. It's a Van Heusen." :D
I do not like Nellie. And I wish she was not in the show.

I did like seeing Packer back.

The prank at the beginning would have been more fun if it wasn't so creepy and weird that Dwight got room keys for everyone.
The prank at the beginning would have been more fun if it wasn't so creepy and weird that Dwight got room keys for everyone.
When has Dwight ever not been creepy and weird?
Dwight has become a pretty outstanding character. Its still unusual to see him without a Michael Scott telling him to not be a creepy idiot.
Dwight's attempt at the presentation should probably be Rainn Wilson's Emmy reel.

Props for the prop department thinking to put copies of the local Tallahassee newspaper on the rack at the hotel lobby gift shop, but stuffed alligators? In Seminole territory? Hmm...
I do not like Nellie. And I wish she was not in the show.
I thought it was David Brent with a wig and fake boobs.
I didn't like Nellie either (and didn't like her in her interview last season). Was happy to see Packer back, hopefully he'll be in more episodes this season. Jim's prank on Dwight was probably his best in years, I loved it. I kept waiting for (Kathy? Is that her name?) to say something to Jim, but I guess that story is on the back-burner.
Add me to the list of those disliking Nellie...
Give me Nellie over Robert California any day. She sounds more like stupid management than his fake intellectual nonsense.
I thought Nellie was hysterical. I liked, but didn't love, her in the interview episode, but thought she was terrific in this one.
I agree, really good episode. That used to be the norm for them but the last two or three seasons it's been hit and miss, so it's nice to see this season they're getting back on track a bit. While the idea of a printer chain trying to break into the "apple store" type market is a little dumb, the resulting storyline so far is proving to put some much needed life back into the show. Putting characters in a different setting, mixing up the dynamics a bit, etc. The ep just seemed a lot more focused, and the fact that it's a serialized story arc I think makes it step away from the usual.

The opening was funny... Dwight having the keys to everyone's rooms and waking them up four hours before they have to be at work was pretty much exactly what I'd expect from him... Laughed out loud and Jim's reversal. Also thought his new outlook on Stanley was hilarious. Jim's always been my favorite character on the show.

I think I also liked this episode because it had minimal Angela and especially minimal Kevin... I don't find whatever the Kevin thing is supposed to be funny so the less of him the better. Actually if the show wanted to just focus on the FL stuff and also just show Pam and Daryl in Scranton, with the occasional line from Creed, that would be fine.

"It can't be appendicitis, I eat more than enough bacon..."
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