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mpar1 said:
Oddly, I feel that the 2 episodes that have aired since the move to Thursday have been 2 of the weaker efforts. As for last night it had it's moments and I also loved Dwight's allofmp3 reference.
Agreed. The allofmp3 reference (it's gotta be what, like 5% of this show's viewers that get that?) was the best part of the episode. I assume it was in there to sort of poke fun at its grey-area illegality since The Office is now available on iTunes? I agree that it was kind of annoying that things are out of sequence. It'd make more sense to follow up the show about Jim's rejection with at least something between Jim and Pam.

I'm really hoping they're not running out of ideas here. Remember we've surpassed the UK Office's run now, so this is all uncharted territory now. Having Michael be an over-the-top ass isn't the way to go.
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