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cannot determine the point that the TiVo file has a glitch
My procedure when this happens is:

1. Open the first half with VideoReDo
2. Go to the end to determine the time it cut off
3. In VideoReDo, play the last few seconds to find the exact cut-off point
4. Fast-forward the TiVo program to a couple seconds past the cut-off point (usually you'll see a blip of pixelation that caused the glitch)
5. Open kmttg and tick the Resume function
6. In kmttg, load your TiVo programs and transfer the second half
7. Open both halves in VideoReDo and use the Join function to output a single file
8. When joining files, make sure they are in the correct order (maybe tag the file names with "-1" and "-2" before opening)
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