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The Kill Point: 2-hour finale not picked up by SP

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My DTiVo is listing The Kill Point's 2-hour finale - first airing this coming Sunday, August 26th - as an entirely separate show, so it's not getting picked up by my Season Pass. I had to select it manually from the Guide. It's also listed as a second 'Kill Point, The' entry when I do a Search By Title.

Not sure if other folks are having the same issue, but I figured I'd issue a heads up.
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Thanks for the heads up.

My SP saw them, but wasn't going to record due to conflicts.

Rearranged some recordings to make sure it got it.

It doesn't help that every other KP episode has a title (eg "Pro Patria"), and this one is simply The Kill Point.

My S3 did NOT pick it up, and I have an SP. Also didn't realize it was the finale.
It's know fixed, at least on my DTiVo. While the finale still doesn't have a title (how annoying is that!) it does show up under the Season Pass now...
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