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"The Investigation" HBO Docu-series (6 eps) *spoilers*

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SPOILER NOTE: From the little I've read, this is based on a true story. The only spoilers allowed are from episodes that have aired on HBO. No spoilers from the true story.

Six part mini-series Docu-drama on HBO. Hour long episodes. Just started Monday (Feb 1 2021). It's a Danish production, with English sub-titles (no captions). It's about an investigative reporter, a sunken submarine, a murder, the Copenhagen Police, and who knows what else.

I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting this was. Started a little slow, but within the first thirty minutes, I was hooked. Really curious to see where this goes.

Those Danish, they ain't like you and me.

ETA: Duh!
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A docu-series that's based on a true story?!?


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I didn't realise when I started watching this that it was a true story. I thought it was so well done. It was slow, but I enjoyed the pace, it seemed to reflect the snails pace of the investigation. They had so little to go on, and were so persistent and relentless, refusing to give up on getting justice. I was watching with brakes as I had to finish my project with the guys from https://thewordpoint.com/languages/italian-translation-servicеs. I enjoyed watching how all the various teams, divers, forensics, detectives, prosecutor, just keep going, edging closer to the truth. An awful, tragic crime and so many people caring deeply about the outcome.
If you like The Investigation, check out The Salisbury Poisonings on AMC, which is another docu-drama based on a true story that focuses on the investigation and figuring out what really happened.
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I haven't watched this one yet, but HBO documentaries are a reason I "still" have HBO on cable, so I can watch them in QuickMode. Otherwise, if it were the same price, I might just have it as an "Added channel" via one of the other services.
Second episode, still good. Slow yet deliberately paced. Never get bored watching.

Another good episode. I know there's not much to discuss, not even sure if anyone else watches. The subtitles probably scare many off, but my years of watching with captions has made me immune to them.

I like the pacing. Deliberately paced, yet fast enough to keep me watching each week, never even looking at a clock ("is it almost over?").

Two episodes left.
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