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The Event - OAD 3/2 *** SPOILERS ***

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Boy no thread yet? Does everyone hate this show? I realize its not the greatest in the world and is extremely doubtful to survive past the remaining episodes, but I thought this 2 hour installment was pretty decent. Things were moving quite quickly and a lot of stuff happened. Yeah there are many many plot holes and the older daughter of the pilot is a horrible actor, but compared to some of the other dreck on TV this is not that bad.

Thomas is a real bad ass renegade who is now killing his own people. I wonder what his Mommy is going to do to him when she inevitably catches up to him. National Security Chairman (I think that's his title) is a real warrior!! Do we know if he was previously in the service. The Pres is boxing himself into a corner with the lady senator!

Again, not the greatest show but really not that bad and I'll miss it when it goes away. I hope they have a reasonable series finale!!

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i watched most of it, just had to fast forward thru the parts with that guy and his girlfriend, they have no chemistry.
I know a lot of people hate this show. I don't, but I'm also pretty easy to please. It's all entertaining to me. ;)

It is interesting that they are moving things along at something faster than a snail's pace. They aren't falling into the Lost trap of keeping the same questions unanswered for a loooong time.

I thought Sterling was quite impressive in this episode. Although I would have thought he would have picked up one of the opfor auto weapons instead of keeping the sidearm of the other guy. I also wondered why Thomas didn't initally kill the guy who was with Sterling. Of course, we found out that was so he could screw everything up by telling the security codes he saw Sterling put in. Bummer...

I'm interesting in seeing how Dempsey fits into all of this. Is he an alien of a different race? Is he yet another ostracized member of Sophia's group doing his own thing? When Sophia and Simon were talking about bringing in Michael Buchanon, I thought they might have been referring to Dempsey.

I usually do not mind seeing the previews for upcoming episodes, but the ones last night bothered me. It appears they went through the rest of the season (series, most likely), and showed some things I would have rather not been spoiled on.

About Sterling....they showed his flashback in one of the previous episodes...I remember there was something about how he was involved with a woman who was a spy and his daddy had to tell him he was getting played, and either Sterling or his daddy had to kill her. So he's been involved with the CIA or something for a while...
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I actually thought this 2 hour comeback was better than many of the episodes before the break.

The only thing that bugged me out was - most of the previous episodes concentrated on John Ritter's son and his GF being chased and searching for her sister.

So - they find her in the first 15 minutes and ...

WHAT HAPPENED to all the people who were chasing them?
Where did they go?
Who were they?
Why did they stop?
I found that all very confusing...

I hope these aliens aren't lizards. :eek:
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Deleted that season pass a long time ago. Show should have been 6 episodes at best as a mini-series.
i like this show, unlike a lot of the haters out there. I do agree though that little Ritter is just not an actor i like, and he has no chemistry with the girl. I can't tell if the girl is a bad actress or the writing for her part is kind crappy. probably some combination. she's great to look at though so it makes it easier. :D

i also thought they showed too much in the previews, but eh, i'm looking forward to seeing how it all unveils.
I too gave up on this after it's last run...it was really horrible.

I'm sure this last gasp of episodes will be it's last then put the final nail in the coffin as they say.
I didn't realize it was back. I don't think my TiVo picked it up.
I don't quite see how the Prez and Sophia can NOT work together now. Sterling now KNOWS because of Maya's sacrifice that Sophia and her group are the "peaceful" ones, and Thomas and his group are the "invasion" ones.

It was really ticking me off when Sterling was interrogating her, every time she mentioned "peaceful" he brought up "what about killing your mate?" Um, dude, she said they were peaceful towards humans. He wasn't a human.

Why didn't Sterling go down to the motor pool (or wherever all the soldiers were "meeting")? It didn't look like Thomas and Co. were killing them, just disarming and holding them on the floor. I thought that's who Sterling found near the end, but that was the Sophia-loyal aliens.

So, anyone care to venture a guess NOW as to what THE EV3NT is? "Invasion" is too easy... we could have guessed that last season. The backwards E still makes me think there's some time travel or alternate universe involved (the one that lets Simon be in every Sophia scene AND in every White House scene :) ).
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I didn't realize it was back. I don't think my TiVo picked it up.
Was it really on Wed 3/2? I thought Mon 3/7 was the first airing. My 'old' season pass caught it just fine last night.
Saw this on EW:

And bummer news for the return of The Event. The two-hour episode earned a mere 1.4/4 - down 26% from its last original on Nov. 29 - and 5.2 million viewers. (Like, its ever a surprise when a show goes down after a painful and needless hiatus?).
Yes, 3/7 was the first US airing.

It seems to have aired earlier in Canada (those versions were, ahem, "available" through other means before last night). Not sure when, though.
Saw this on EW:
I also saw this though:
Still, as NBC notes, "Event" usually sees a huge increase in seven-day DVR viewership, some 40 percent, so its rating could bounce up to a 2.0 when those are released.
Not that I think NBC really cares all that much about DVR viewership.

I like this show, but I think we'll be incredibly lucky if we get any kind of resolution to it. I suspect in a few months we'll still be scratching our heads, wondering exactly what the "event" was going to be.
Personally I hope this does get canned and they have a resolution. It has always felt like a mini-series and not a regular run TV show. I don't see how they could sustain it over years without really boring us.
Personally I hope this does get canned and they have a resolution. It has always felt like a mini-series and not a regular run TV show. I don't see how they could sustain it over years without really boring us.
They couldn't sustain it for the short time before the hiatus without boring me. ;)
If the other episodes had been like the two hour episode, the show would have done better. I do hope they end it properly.
These 2 hours moved along pretty well and advanced the story. But the new flavor tastes a lot like "V", only in The Event the 5th column are the baddies.
This would have been a much, much better show without the never ending Sean and Leila subplot ruining a third of the air time. Not every show needs a love story. This one definitely didn't.
Wow. More info in this 2 hr ep than in all of the first half-season combined. So, daddy's from NGC 253, Leila's a star child and Sterling is a bad ass mo-fo. I'm back on board. This just got interesting.

Of course, now that I say that, NBC will probably cancel it before we find out what the hell Holbrook is, and why he's talking past, present and future. And how these beings from a different galaxy have only a 1% difference in DNA from Earthers.
And how these beings from a different galaxy have only a 1% difference in DNA from Earthers.
Nitpick: It's 2%, IIRC from earlier episodes. But point taken.

I enjoyed this ep, or episodes, depending on how you count. It got me interested again. Though I had totally forgotten about it until it spontaneously appeared on my DVR.

I found it weird that Sofia sat down and seemingly told Sean what was going on over tea, yet they wouldn't take him with because there are "Things he can't know." Really? Seems it's more like "sorry dude, we have to cut your character to pay for 40 extras to play aliens every episode."
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