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The Editing Thread

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Below are some of the previous threads on this subject, but if you have something to add, please use this thread.

In-TiVo editing
Edit what has been recorded
add simple editing
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This concept should not be a subscription charge. It's a software upgrade.
My idea (at least I believe it is my idea) would be to allow setting multiple stop and start filters while viewing a recording. When playback is stopped an option would be presented asking if the filter should be saved. Behind the scenes the filter would then be associated with the recording until the recording is deleted or "delete filter" was selected on the recording's now playing information screen. The next time the show is played or "saved to VCR" the filter would be applied and the space between each stop and start mark would be skipped during playback.

This wouldn't save space on the Tivo but it would allow Tivo to defend in court that they are not modifying the copyrighted material.

Plus I can't imagine this type of filtering would add near the complexity of any true editing ability.
Personally, I'd settle for a "Delete From Here" feature while watching a program. Whereever the program is in the timeline, everything after is deleted.

Not only would this be a GREAT recording space saver, but would help immensely with programs like Saturday Night Live which absolutely SUCK after the "Weekend Update" segment. :D

Seriously, there are a lot of programs that have a few minutes of dead time after the real program is over. End credits not worth watching, shows on the Cartoon Network that end early, and they show "shorts" to fill time ... things like that.

I have no need for advance editing features (but I wouldn't MIND them), but this, I think, would be very useful for people with smaller drives.
The Filter Idea is what I had in mind also.

I would like to be able to spend a few minutes in advance to FF through the recorded program and set the out/in markers so that I could then watch/SaveToTape the program without the seqments I don't care to see.

It would not bother me if a banner screen with a message like "4 minutes and 20 seconds of original program being skipped" displayed for a few seconds. I'm sure a lot of people would be outraged by it though.

I know I am speaking out of place here, but I honestly think that TiVo would be doing better if they would concentrate on doing some of these FREQUENTLY asked for things. Things like this suggestion and the ability to select more than 1 item at a time from now playing for playback. These things would be relativly simple to implement and make a HUGE improvement to TiVo. Instead they come out with Series II which best I can tell is some upgraded hardware that didn't need to be upgraded and a degenerated version of the software. In short, the new box won't even perform as well as the old box!

Sorry about the off topic rant.
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Originally posted by curtistaylor
{Filtering} wouldn't save space on the Tivo but it would allow Tivo to defend in court that they are not modifying the copyrighted material.
Is that what they're concerned about?

Just give me the ability to cut a recording into two parts, making what was one entry in Now Showing now be two entries. Then I can delete whichever one I don't want, then repeat the process on the remaining segment if I want to trim the other end too.

Is dividing a recording into two parts considered modifying copyrighted material?
Originally posted by David Bolling
Is dividing a recording into two parts considered modifying copyrighted material?
I could see how it might be. Thing is, we want to eliminate commercials but what if someone wanted to eliminate "objectionable material" from the "content"?

But even then it's not modifying copyrighted material IMHO unless you distribute it. The whole thing about copyright is that it protects the ability of the holder to make money from the intellectual property. If you're not distributing "your copy" then you're not affecting the holders ability to distribute or make money.

Perhaps a good analogy is if you buy a copy of a magazine and you tear a page out of your copy. You haven't affect the publishers ability to distribute their property.
I've been playing with my new tivo for a few days and was just getting ready to post this same idea. Glad I looked around first. Now, admittedly, I don't know much about how Tivo "works", but it seems like you could accomplish this with a two-step edit mode. First, you could have the user input custom tick marks to a program (also allowing them to erase standard tick marks). Next, the user would mark what they wanted to save by clicking on an area, toggling it either green for save or red for erase. This way, they could save as many bits of a program as they like, and the interface would be easy enough for anyone to use with the remote control. This would be a great feature, because sometimes shows like "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" have a great skit near the beginning of the show, that I'd like to keep, but it isn't worth taking up an hour of space for. I would really like to see this feature implemented.
I thought this was obvious about my last post, but just in case it isn't I'll clear something up. The custom tick marks would be able to range anywhere from 30sec to maybe half an hour. Clicking on an area between two tick marks would mark that entire area (between two ticks) for either erasing or saving. After all of the program had been marked, the user would click on a "make changes now" button. This would minimize the accidental erase factor. I was originally thinking that the enter button could toggle the save/delete option, but now that I think about it, the "Thumbs up" and "Thumbs down" buttons are already perfect for selecting what you want and don't want, so that's what I would use for user input. Unselected areas would probably be grey until chosen.
Scalia, all that is needed to save and delete segments of a program is to have a feature that allows you to split a program into two pieces at the currently paused location, creating two entries in Now Playing. Delete the one you don't want. Repeat as necessary.
Yeah, but couldn't save different pieces of one recording. For instance, if you are editing commercials out of a few episodes of Seinfeld or something. The ability to divide a show in half isn't quite enough for this application, because deleting either of two Now Playing entries would erase the last 2/3 of the show instead of the first 4 minute commercial break. You'd need to be able to split the program into at least 3 pieces to do something like that.
You need to be able to split the program into two at any point -- like where you're now paused -- and then to be able to rejoin them. Then you can simply split out the bits you don't want and reassemble the bits you do. Tedious, but simple interface with lots of power.
This is an absolute MUST have. I would pay a nominal one time fee (($15-$25) for it.

My need is greater for the "delete from beginning to here" and "delete from here to end" not necessarily for commercial removal.

Case in point: the recent change in schedule for a World Cup games, which TiVo could not push down into our schedules in time, necessitated recording a block of time rather than a program. In order to make sure I did not miss any extra time and penalty kicks, I set it to record 90 minutes beyond the normal game end time. Now all of this overage is useless, and I would very much like to trim it off.
Not gonna' happen folks - TiVo is marketed to the masses as a VCR replacement, not a fancy-schmancy video editing tool.

AFA editing out commercials? Don't even go there!
I use TiVo primarily to record educational kids programmes for my children. Some of these programmes are only a few minutes long and are shown maybe 2 or 3 times a day. It means that when they get home from school there are a few worthwhile favourite programmes for them to watch if they want.
The problem is that programmes start up to a couple of minutes either side of the scheduled time so I have to have TiVo start 2 minutes early and stop 2 minutes longer. I get programmes in their entirity but a significant portion of my space is taken up with material I don't want.
Therefore a 'crop from start to here' and 'crop from here to end' functions would be VERY valuable.
I'm surprised these functions aren't already available.
Also since there are 30 episodes of Bananas in Pyjamas on the machine, it would be great to have it play them all back to back. Or maybe just play everything in the order it was recorded until you do something else.
Again, I'm surprised these 'simple to program' features aren't employed already.
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This is my first post, so go easy on me.... this may have already been suggested and I can see how some of the other (very complex) ideas would accomplish the same thing.

My suggestion is to have an option to save only unwatched portions of a movie or program. Sometimes it takes me weeks to get through a movie but want to conserve disk space at the same time. (I'm sure this will be the case with all of the 9/11 programming I'm recording).
Have they even considered this? why are we getting MP3 and other mostly useless features when things like this could be done? I didn't want to start a new thread on this, but add me to the list that would really want to see it.
Tivo would do well to emulate features Minidisc recorders have had for the past decade!

MD recorders provide incredible versatility through 3 simple functions: Delete, Divide (split one track into two at current location) and Combine (append the next track to this track).

Tivo already provides Delete, but simple Divide and Combine functions would represent a quantum leap in Tivo's usefulness with (I believe) a minimum of engineering hours, compared to "tick-mark filters" and other complex suggestions previously posted.

On a Tivo these might work as follows:

Divide - activated by a keypress or menu select while paused... say you're watching "Friends - Thu - 9/8" and pause it at 12:00 minutes in. Doing a divide would cause you to now be watching "Friends (2) - Thu - 9/8" at 0:00, while "Friends - Thu - 9/8" would now be a seperate segment, 11:59 long.

Combine - activated when playing a program (ex. "Friends (2) - Thu - 9/8" from the last example) when a higher-numbered version of that title also exists (ex. "Friends (3) - Thu - 9/8"). It would simply absorb the next higher-numbered segment into the current segment... i.e. in this example there would be no "Friends (3)" -- instead, "Friends (2)" would include the contents of "(2)" and "(3)".

Example use: a long, drawn-out Superbowl halftime show hogging Tivo drive space could be snipped out as follows...
1) FF or skip to the start of the halftime show, press "pause."
2) Divide. You're now at 0:00 of "Superbowl (2)."
3) FF or skip to the end of the halftime show, press "pause."
4) Divide. You're now at 0:00 of "Superbowl (3)."
5) Delete "Superbowl (2)."
6) Play "Superbowl," perform a Combine to absorb "Superbowl (3)" (the next-highest numbered segment still existing).


This would also work for trimming an unneeded 1hr pad off a game, etc.

Re: copyright issues, Minidisc has let you do this kind of stuff with copyrighted tracks for 10 years... what's the difference? I've often used this feature to chop off the ends of songs that repetitiously drag on for 2 or 3 minutes after they *should* have finished, or to nix lame stand-up topics in the middle of an otherwise-good routine.

- Atreyu
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I just saw the greatest edited commercial on HBO perhaps ever. It is a series of movie clips strung together with a musical score in the background, and it is just wonderful, but I'm not going to save the entire gosh-darn movie so I can keep it around. That's crazy talk.

And now, because this feature doesn't exist, I may have to go grab a .. uhm, whatchamacallit .. VHS cassette to save it. Blech.
My favorite video tapes are my 'scrapbook' tapes. I'd keep one loaded in the VCR and quickly hit record to catch a funny commercial, a music video, or a news story.

A scrapbook model which allows you to copy a bit from the buffer on live TV or recorded programs and paste it in a scrapbook folder would solve both the editing and batch recording/playlist issues.

Add features like labeling the clip, multiple scrapbooks with labels, how much total time your scrapbook holds and I'd pay extra for the feature.

Everyone should be familiar with "Copy and Paste" so the learning curve of adding this feature shouldn't be confusing.

If they adopted this model with multiple scrapbook folders you'd get a batch recording feature for free. Just copy the program, keep the original label/title, and paste into a scrapbook folder. Then play the scrapbook to tape.

BTW: For those that want to edit out commercials, you'll find in 20 years you'll enjoy the old commercials as much the show you recorded. I was watching an old Simpsons and saw the Grace Jones, Adam Ant Honda commercial where she bites his cheek; funny stuff.

-hey? can I change my vote to "Yes, I'd pay a one time charge for this feature"
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