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The daily reboot -- trying to string out my HR10-250....

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I love my HR10-250 boxes. The one upstairs works great, but the main one in the living room requires a daily reboot after the picture pixelates and eventually goes white fuzz (think old school analog days of just static). Audio is fine, I can still hear the channels. I've determined it's the TiVo, not the TV, and the problem occurs on both the HDMI and component outputs. Power-cycling the box brings it back, albeit only for about 24 hours.

Is there anything I can do, like a hard reset or flash of firmware or ??? I'm trying to string these along best I can hoping another DirecTV HD TiVo will be released before these die. I'm even toying going back to cable (gasp!) for the S3 box. I'll probably swap locations as a temp solution since I don't use the upstairs one very often, but I'd like to find a permanent solution using TiVo of course.
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This sounds like a hardware problem, so any "hard reset" probably won't fix it. You could try a "clear and delete everything" but you'll lose your existing recordings and settings.

You really should give the HR20 HD DVR a try. I have both an HR20 and HR10-250, and the HR20 is quite good now. Plus it can receive/record all of the new HD channels.
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