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Nice start to the season...

I love the new trainers...the whole show seems to have taken on a larger legitimacy...

I really liked the three days of tryouts for the top 10 spots... Choosing the best fighters from the very beginning should result in some good fights over the season...

And we are supposed to be able to check out the full unedited fights sometime after the reality show episode...that should be very nice!!!

Again...great start...looks to be a great season ahead! :)

(plus, it's also aired on ESPN HD!)

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Good first episode. No brainer about the final two that were eliminated. If you can get cut wearing a head gear imagine not wearing one! And no one can lose 25 lbs. and still be strong in one week. No favorites yet, but I'm tuning in next week for sure.

BTW, Sugar Ray's dramatic pauses when he speaks is so irritating!
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