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Not a positive experience or result for those on the show in the past:

Opinion | "The Biggest Loser" has no winners - except people who enjoy fat shaming

6 Years after The Biggest Loser, Metabolism Is Slower and Weight Is Back Up

Researchers studied 14 contestants who participated in the 30-week competition, which involves intensive diet and exercise training.

They started at an average weight of 328 pounds (about 149 kg) and ended at an average weight of 200 pounds (about 91 kg).

Six years later, when the six men and eight women went to the National Institutes of Health for follow-up measurements, their weight, on average, was back up to 290 pounds. Only one participant hadn't regained any weight.

Similarly, percent body fat started at an average of 49 percent, dipped to 28 percent and returned to 45 percent over time.

But resting metabolic rate did not follow the same pattern.

The group as a whole on average burned 2,607 calories per day at rest before the competition, which dropped to about 2,000 calories per day at the end.

Six years later, calorie burning had slowed further to 1,900 per day, as reported in the journal Obesity, May 2.
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