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The Amazing Race S32E09 (OAD 11/25/2020) - This Is Not Payback, This Is Karma

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Part 2 of the Mega leg... Again, I am behind and will come back and participate once I catch up!
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I think I’m done with this season. I don’t want any of the remaining teams to win.
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I'm the opposite, I am fine with any team winning. There's no team I can't stand as in other seasons. The closest is the boyfriends who are a bit whiny, but they don't really bother me that much.

Unlike shows like Survivor or Big Brother, I watch this more for the different locations and tasks than I do for the teams. I love watching them travel in a strange city with strange customs and have to deal with all that. To me, that's what makes this series so much fun.
I'll miss the blondes. They were a fun team.
Very sad to see the Blondes go. But they were way overdue. They were not good racers, but they mostly looked like they were having fun. It is too bad the Mine 5 ganged up on them (and Leo/Alana the previous episode.)

The only team I really like now is the Beards. They are having fun and are good racers.
The blondes were so much fun, very sorry to see them go. But I agree, it was becoming an issue that they were so much worse at racing. I mean by the time they got out of their first cab in any given leg they were often so far behind they couldn't even see the other teams. The alliance didn't have anything to do with that. The problem with that is it really cuts down on the pressure on the other teams so you don't get great drama anywhere.

I hope that now that all the remaining teams are pretty good things get more tense... although Eswar and Eparna are still weaker, IMO.

Agreed Beard Bros are the strongest team. I wonder if that will cause their "3-way alliance" to crumble before final 3.
I really didn't understand the "mega leg". Phil made it sound like this was a brand new thing, but it just seemed like a "keep racing" leg to me. The only difference I saw was that Phil wasn't there to check them in at the middle.

I'll miss the blonds. They were fun and I loved their attitudes.
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Yeah, as far as I could tell, the only difference between the Mega Leg and previous double legs they've done is that there was no Pit Stop fake out with Phil telling them to keep racing. They knew from the beginning it would be a double leg.
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I really respect the blonde sisters... They had every reason to be down on themselves, but they took everything in stride, and seemed to poke fun at themselves and just enjoyed the race and the experience...

D*mn... I really wish they survived, but as everyone has already recognized, they are not racing a winning pace... It's was just a matter of time... The yield delays didn't even seem to make a difference...they didn't stand a chance...

I found myself hoping to see the sisters in the same video frame as ANY team...just to provide some evidence that there was a chance that they were "still in it"... But no...
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