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MasterOfPuppets said:
Can't say I'm surprised to see that this thread degenerated into a slew of "I'm sooooo much more knowledgeable than the contestants" posts :rolleyes:

I enjoyed the contest, other than the boring interviews after the rounds.
I was rooting for Twisted Misters...although the Angus Young character didn't contribute much of anything. I was surprised to see Wocka Wocka get absolutely smoked.
I didn't know any of the 2006 songs, but I think they were absolutely correct to include the category...it IS, after all supposed to be the entirety of pop culture, even if 80% of it is disappointingly 80's related.
Time to go for broke on Trivia Dome tonight...made it through 23 of the 24 questions the other night before not being sure which GNR song was playing in Cape Fear...but when I missed I was at 3:20 and the winner got all 24 right in a ridiculous ~2:25.
Perhaps it was 24/25...can't remember off the top of my head.
It was the 25th question...I missed it as well....and then some guy from my town won the 2500 dollars that night....I was sooooo pissed! And what is the answer..I can't seem to find it online anywhere.
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