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Thanks comer!!!

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I would like to thank comer for his Premiere hard drive upgrade instructions and software!!

It works great! Very Very easy!!

I used a 2 TB Seagate Drive that I picked up for $73 shipped a few months back when it was on sale. I Super sized it - 317 hours of HD just amazing.

If anyone is looking for an easy way to make a bootable USB drive from the ISO in comer's instructions give Universal USB Installer a try. I selected the "Try unlisted ISO..." option pointed at comer's ISO that I had saved on my hard drive and selected the USB drive I wanted to install it on. It worked great for me no need to burn a CD/DVD - the software is "portable" so the program runs without the normal windows type install.

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Thanks to comer, my neighbor and I are also rocking 2TB drives. :) Very cool.
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