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TE4 Performance on Roamio Pro

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I haven't tried TE4 still the early days of its release on my Roamio Pro. I rolled back to TE because it's was really buggy. How is TE4 today on the Roamio Pro? How is the performance related to menu navigation and scanning through shows?
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Still sucks. The ONLY advantage to TE4 in my eyes is the Auto-Skip feature. Had I known how bad TE4 is I never would have done it. I'm still thinking of switching back to TE3 and will probably end up doing it. TE4 isn't as buggy as it was at first but they keep adding more and more useless stuff which the Roamio's processor has trouble keeping up with (I have the Plus). It's less buggy now but keeps getting slower and slower. Maybe they need a TE4 Lite for Roamios. I assume the Bolt and Edge have faster processors to keep up. Unless there's something you really, really want from TE4 - don't do it.
I disagree. I have no speed complaints with TE4 on my Roamio Plus or even pre-Vox Mini.

Some apps are slow (PlutoTV, TiVo+) but I have no need for them.

Using the actual TiVo UI for daily tasks - browsing guide, watching shows, reviewing my to do list - work perfectly fine. (sometimes deleting shows can hang for less than a minute, a minor inconvenience)

The only thing I really miss from the old UI is sorting the channel guide by channel name.

I have not noticed any general slowdown over time. If anything, it’s gotten snappier since the original introduction of TE4.
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I have a Roamio Pro and I think TE4 is very slow. At times, it's really bad. Sometimes a request will take 10 seconds or more to work, like deleting a recording or entering in channel numbers. I do like AutoSkip, but I'm on the fence as to whether or not TE4's performance is worth it.
Same problem here. The ONLY reason I've kept is for auto-skip but if it gets worse I'll have to revert to TE3.
My Roamio Pro on TE4 is fine. Everything I do takes about as long to complete as it did on TE3.

Every now and then my guide goes blank for 1-2 seconds and then redraws. It felt longer than that but whenever I've timed it that's how long it took. Guessing it was requesting data at that time and there was a hiccup as the screen refreshed.
My guide does the same thing sometimes, which I don't have a problem with. It's the 10 to 15 second delay for a command like deleting a recording, which leaves me wondering at the time if my TiVo is about to reboot, that I have a big problem with. I think TE4 has become much slower on my Roamio with the most recent updates because of all the non-useful "features" they have introduced. It wasn't this slow when I made the change to TE4 18 months ago.

Strangely enough, my first generation TiVo Minis function fine with TE4. They are much faster and never reboot.

Once my Roamio Pro reboots, it seems faster for about 12 to 24 hours, but gets slower and slower as the days go by.

Honestly, I suggest not making the change to TE4 now. You don't know what your missing if you haven't experienced AutoSkip. I was happy with TE4 when I first made the change, but I am not happy with it now.
So many of the shows we watch don't have auto-skip that I find myself reaching for the remote even for the shows that do. With TE3 there's still one press skip for shows that have it. Right now, everything is working OK so I'll wait on "sidegrading" to TE3 till the next major problem. I can live with the screen delays as an inconvenience but the next time a mini shuts down my internet connection that'll be it. I think they may have resolved that issue as it hasn't happened for about 5 months now.
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