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Well, I documented the annoyance in the "Annoy you" thread, might as well make staff aware. Don't browse this thread with Tapatalk to duplicate.

Tapatalk is hijacking emojis that their users type, and via server plugin, enters the BBCode for the emoji, and Xenforo offers up a Tapatalk image URL to serve the emoji. Example Emoji 2358 is entered by the user, Tapatalk enters [ emoji 2358 ] (no spaces) into the post, and TCF serves up https://emoji.tapatalk-cdn.com/emoji2358.png as the emoji image URL. The problem is, Tapatalk isn't serving up all the emojis to non-Tapatalk users to see.

Initial post by SushiKitten with a non-displayed emoji:


Laria saying she uses the Emoji keyboard (where I see her post has the [ emoji ] tag):

Hapster's response:

My response to that rebuttal:

Another Tapatalk emoji not displayed:

My response to that and what it looks like:

Since TCF is Taptalk's customer in this case, time to remind them that if they're going to hijack emojis, then make sure the rest of the world can see them.

--Carlos V.
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