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Take Tivo on vacation with us?

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I have 4 tivos and was wondering if I can take one with me on vacation and set it up. Does the Tivo service recognize the Tivo unit or the phone # the call was made from? For instance, could I mail my Tivo to my daughter and I keep paying the bill from a different state?
Thanks in advance, Mike
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You can take the TiVo on vacation with you as long as you're the one using it. Giving the TiVo to your daughter who lives elsewhere while keeping it on your account is a violation of the Terms of Service you agreed to. TiVo CAN detect that you have done this and has the right to cancel your account. How long it would be before you got caught, I don't know.
Thanks for your quick reply, but how would they detect it? Suppose I own 2 homes. I'm not trying to rip them off, I'm paying for the service on all my units.
They could detect it by noticing which local dialin number you used to connect to the service. If two TiVos on the same account consistently used two geographically different POPs, this would be a red flag. An even easier way would be if the lineups requested for the two boxes were different.

I suggest you reread the TiVo Subscriber Agreement and the Multi-Service Discount Agreement which you can find here. In particular, this item:
B. Same TiVo Service Address. All TiVo DVRs eligible for the MULTI-SERVICE DISCOUNT must be located and calling in from the same TiVo service (or TiVo Plus service) address as the Qualifying Subscription.
Now if you are willing to pay for a full $12.99 subscription for your daughter, that's fine.

I'm not telling you what to do. You asked if TiVo could detect it and I explained how they could.
Steve, Thanks for the explanation. I didn't even consider the discount on additional boxes. That makes sense now. How would I go about paying for her service at the full price on a monthly basis. She's only 14 and doesn't work or have a credit card.

Once again thank you very much for the info. Mike

PS Do you work for TiVo? You seem very well informed.
Use either your credit card, or a stored value credit card.
There's no problem opening a second account for your daughter with the billing going to your card.

And no, I don't work for TiVo. I've been a TiVo user for five and a half years and I also help out on TiVo's own forum (as does classicsat). Technically, I'm not even a TiVo customer anymore since I use DirecTV-TiVos. But "in real life" I do tech support so I keep aware of resources and issues so that I can be helpful.
Along those same lines, I have a series 2 with a lifetime subscription. I have often thought about buying the DVD version and giving our old unit to my father. Is that legit?
Yes, the lifetime status transfers with the box. You'll need to buy a new sub for the new box.
Right, I would buy a second DVD with lifetime, I am hooked :)
If you're considering the Humax, you may want to read others comments on this model before "biting".
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