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Starting shortly after my promotional pricing with Spectrum expired, my TA has gotten stuck in broadcast only mode. I had a tech come out and swap the TA which worked for 3 hours, it then fell into b'cast only mode.

I called again and the tech support rep said they would let local leadership know, and schedule another technician to come out. The day before the tech was scheduled to come out the tuning adapter connected, and the status was ready. It worked for about 3 days, but has now gone back to b'cast only mode.

The TA diagnostics shows status is "Ready - B'cast only". DAVIC status shows a ?, no message is stated. Server status is unknown. Tuner frequency is 249MHz. FDC is 75 MHz. RDC is 8 MHz. Tuner power is 2dBmv. FDC is 0 dBmv. RDC is 44 dBmv.

I have tried rebooting everything multiple times, and left everything disconnected for several minutes before booting it up again. I have tried many spliters, and coax/USB cables. This is the second box, the first TA box had the same statuses and about the same signal levels.

When I call Spectrum all they want to do is send another tech out who knows nothing in my area about cablecards or TAs. Does anyone know of any solution to this b'cast only issue?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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