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T58 and M58 error codes on Roamio

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At wits end after 1-1/2 hours with Help desk resetting and powering my entire home network on-off-on etc.
Roamio connects to service successfully manually and nightly automated, no errors. After endless testing network connection, by the HD I got desperate , reset everything and did a full reset, then guided setup, all went well, Roamio downloaded software, set up network, and downloaded guide info and finished w/o problems. I went to Tivo Central, hit GUIDE button and get T58 service connection failed followed by M58 have not connected to service in 30 days. All 3 Minis show transfers and connections are not allowed, cant record or transfer shows. Live tv and play recording works on the Ramio only.
Account shows active on System Info screens, Help desk says all is good at their end. Was advised Roamio is defective offered me an Edge at regular cost.. . Setup is on a moca network with Roamio using an Ethernet as gateway to Xfinity router. Can this be the Roamio, sure looks like some sort of mother ship screw up. Been running this configuration for 5 years, router was updated about a year ago, otherwise network has not been changed.
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No need to respond, the Tivo's were all pulled out of service today. Going to have to learn to live with less recording capacity, but getting tired of the ongoing problems. I have lost count of software and hardware problems over the past 16 years with 4 generations of change. Went to the cable company store, got a package with 60 additional channels, 100K faster (200 to 300 MB) internet, free phone, cloud and local DVR's with seamless total home viewing capability for 6 TV's. Plus I can stream my TV channels and recordings on the road. Walked out of store with 2 - bags of equipment, took a few hours to plug it all in and WA-la no problems whatsoever.
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