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Sweet Genius on Food Network *all episodes*

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Has anyone started watching it?

I saw a few episodes, and it really doesn't impress me much. Ron Ben-Israel seems to lack any personality, and his judgments start as short one-word descriptions. I am not sure if that's him in real life, or he just acts the part of Dr. Evil, but its not fun to watch. I like occasional debates and disagreement among judges (i.e. Chopped) and lack of that is really boring. The robotic, computerized voice announcing mandatory ingredients and the theme is awful, fake, and just has no place there. What's worse, the short descriptions are pretty much kindergarten-level stuff ...

The idea isn't that bad, trying to put a new twist on Chopped, with ingredients added at the last minutes, and the 'inspiration', these are clever, but the environment of the show, with the conveyor belt, machine-like host, and a computerized voice announcing stuff, is just to contrived for enjoyment.
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We watched it but I just can't stand the host..WAY to over the top with his "seriousness" and dry "wit".

Think I'll pass on the rest of the eps.
Saw a clip on The Soup. From that alone I won't bother. It almost appears as an SNL sketch making fun of Iron Chef.
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