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Anyone catch it yesterday? I accidentally found it 15 minutes into the show and thank goodness recorded it as it literally was 3 min of show followed by 5 min of commercials. Painful even to FF thru.

anyways, it will be interesting to see how they do 4 tribe challenges. It's 2x the work setting these things up. yet this show still makes money. Amazing indeed. It's nice that the heavier woman 'got up off her couch' but there's really no chance she will make it on some of those physical challenges. I see some of the girls have coordinated bikinis on (polka dots) or else maybe that's the new 'buff' of the year.

It looks like they have a lot of the same types of challenges, crawling in dirt under sticks, the boat thing etc. I guess the giant skull will be a bit different though as jeff said they have to piece together a skeleton or something like that. The skull for extinguishing an ousted member's torch is creepy and butt ugly. Then again, I never saw a sexy skull.

So what did you think of Danni with a few bags of chips in her body? Wish they showed more but at least she seemed to gain about 2x her weight so she doesn't look like she's from a deserted island :)
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