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Agreed with the steal-a-vote. I didn't get it. Who was James going to target with his KIP anyway? I admit I've lost track of who has which advantages but I don't remember anyone having anything that James would want to steal, in this group. But, there must have been: we just watch an hour a week and they're living it :) . If i were James I'd be MORE nervous after Cass said that since there's no point in wasting that advantage if the vote is solid. Personally I think the steal-a-vote is one of the most powerful advantages out there, mainly because it can flip a vote but doesn't put a target on your back to "flush" it like a full II.

One thing I did notice is that just like last season during this same two-tribal episode, two black players were on the chopping block (and this season, both voted out). I definitely do NOT think there was anything odd about it: it was eminently reasonable for both to go when they did. I just find it a bizarre coincidence.
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