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Or if you're going to burn it use it on the guy you want to vote out. That way if someone flipped you still got the numbers.
That's what I didn't understand. Once Jeff says it's time to vote (which is what she had to wait for before she could use her Steal A Vote), James could no longer play his Knowledge is Power. So at that point there's zero reason to continue the ruse and play the SAV on Owen. Especially because Sami and Karla could have still banded with James to vote out Owen in that situation. But stealing James' vote would have meant Cass and Owen controlled the TC no matter what Sami and Karla did. Totally baffled by the way that played out. I think maybe she overthought things and what she did was too smart by half.

Especially because, by stealing Owen's vote, she was obviously very sure that Sami and Karla were on board with voting out James. So if they're all comfortable that's the case, and if Jeff says time to vote and James can no longer use his KIP, then she should have just kept her SAV at that point. The way she used it was a total waste and all it did was make James feel comfortable for an extra few minutes.
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