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I don't get why Cass needed to burn her steal-a-vote power. If the other 4 were going to vote together, why the ruse? If they were worried about James playing his KIP thing, Cass could have simply told him "Hey, Sami and I convinced Owen that we are going to flip and vote you out, so I don't need to steal his vote. He is not going to play his shot in the dark."
My wife and I were talking about the same thing... If she wanted to get rid of James, just steal his vote... She knows where her vote and Owen's vote was going, so her steal really didn't do a d*mn thing... And then using James' vote to add to theirs would give them the numbers, right?

The only thing that this did was give James confidence that Owen was going home... But what was the point in building his confidence? Just send him home, right? And they did talk about ensuring that he doesn't use the "Knowledge is Power" advantage... I have lost track, does he know about anything to confidently use it?
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