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SWo since the season is about to kick off, it was time to make the call. I speak to a csr who cant help me, I ask to speak to someone else who could help me. I get a supervisor. I do not go into the speel of threatening to cancel, I just tell her that I fundamentally have a hard time paying for something that I know others are getting for free. I explain that I know people are getting SF for free. She asks me how I know that, and I tell her forums. I also tell her that never has the information that I have gotten from these forums been incorrect. I tell her D* has always come through for me.

She is very friendly and with little more than me explaining why I cant pay for something when I know others are getting it free she offers it to me for free.

No threats, nop yelling, just friendly, honest conversation about why I want this for free, and once again, they deliver.

Do I like making these cals< Nope, but I cant blame D* for getting x amount of money out of those willing to pay for it.

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