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Sunday Ticket Not Listing Games

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For some reason Tivo is not getting program info for Sunday ticket (DirectTV). It has worked fine for the past two years but this year for some reason it doesn't list out any of the games. The previous two weeks it listed them for the HD channels (which I don't have) and last week it didn't list them for any. You can still record but you have to have two recordings since they come in two hour increments.

Anyone know what is going on with that? Who can I complain to at Tivo?
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Really? It ever did it? I had MLB Extra Innings & NHL Center Ice for a few years and they never listed any game listings. I complained but what told that they're just not listed in the guide data.

It won't help your overall problem, but, as a minor comment, instead of recording two 'blocks', you can set up a manual record for a 3 (or whatever) hour length of time.
Yep it has worked for the past two years in tivo. DirectTV's guide still lists the games like normal, it's just tivo doesn't have it.
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