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Thanks for the link...and a great little article! :up: For anyone thinking that their cableco DVR and TiVo are in the same universe the author sums it up brilliantly:

Before my adventures with the Verizon DVR, I worried about TiVo's future. Every cable provider rents DVRs now, and the rental cost is usually less than TiVo's monthly service fee plus the few bucks a month the cable company charges for that special card the TiVo needs to record the full channel lineup. They don't charge $299 for the box, either.

But nobody who's ever used both a generic cable-company DVR and an actual TiVo would ever conclude that the two devices are remotely the same. Seven years after its introduction, TiVo remains a unique beast. Any other DVR is just an old-fashioned VCR enhanced with a modern PC’s power to move you to acts of violence.
Been there...done that! ;)
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