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Suggestions question

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Please forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere, my search-fu is weak on this forum.

I recently had to replace the drive in one of my HDVR2's, and bought a 500Gb, imaged it with a 6.2 image (not 6.2a), and zipper'd it like my other one (for MRV, etc). I normally would turn suggestions off, and initially did, but decided to turn them back on, just to see what it would bring in.

Anyway, I noticed on this setup, if this unit wants to record a suggestion, it just suddenly starts recording on the second tuner, no prompt to allow the channel change. But, if I have a Season Pass/Wishlist setup, and HDVR2 wants to record, it will ask if I want to allow the unit to change the channel.

Is this normal? It's possible I either wasn't paying attention and it did ask, or I was watching a recorded show at every time is would have asked (I have been watching many of the suggestions it has recorded), but I am about 99.9% sure I was watching (semi)live TV on both tuners tonight and it switched tuners and dumped that buffer without prompting.
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There's a time limit. If you haven't paused or done any other activity on the background tuner in a specified amount of time, the Tivo assumes you aren't watching that tuner and will change the channel without prompting.

Thanks for the info. I am pretty sure that I was watching something on each buffer last night and it automatically changed to record a suggestion without prompting. It's possible I went into the menu or something when it would have prompted, but I don't think so. I will keep a closer watch on it to verify.
I found suggestions pretty worthless, and turned them off after a few days of it trying to feed me Spanish only programs.
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