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Suburban Philly Verizon FIOS info needed

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I'm a longtime Comcast customer that is fedup and is moving to Verizon FIOS TV with HD service later this year (I hope!) as I got FIOS phone and internet early this year. There is some temporary holdup in roll out to my area. A few questions:

1. I live in Coatesville, Chester County in suburban Philadelphia. Are there any other Verizon FIOS TV customers in the Chesco area that can tell me what the setup and service is like?

2. Also, I recently upgraded to a HD Sony LCD display and own a TiVo Series 2. I plan on moving up to the TiVO HD box with cable card(s) before transistioning to Verizon's service. For anyone answering question #1, can you tell me whether you have the cable card option and whether you have two single cards or one multi stream card and also did you have any difficulty dealing with Verizon on this issue?

* I cannot find word one about cable cards, etc. on either the Comcast or Verizon FIOS site. I realize it is now a supposed government mandate that this option be made available but their "hiding" this info or worse, lack of knowledge and preparation is shameful and really quite infuriating.

I hope this situation improves. I think someone should get the media involved to spread the word and get the public educated to this other approach to cable viewing. :mad:
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I'm not in your area, but can answer #2. I've had FIOS TV for a while now and just today had them out to take their DVR box back and leave me 2 cable cards. The call to customer service was completely painless. They knew exactly what I needed and scheduled the service trip. The tech that came out today, although he hadn't done many cable card installs, was extremely helpful and he and I both worked our way through it and had everything up and running in no time. Not sure if things may be different in your area, but that's how the process went down here in Dallas...
Glad to hear it. I hope the quality of service, knowledge of customer service and tech support, as well as, the availability of the cards is standardized nationwide with Verizon.

I took a quick look at the demos elsewhere on TiVo's site regarding this process and wondered, don't the cable cards have to be activated FIRST before going through the initial setup and install of the HD box? I would think that one would need to have the card(s) active so the box could properly tune all the stations in. I don't see how one could connect it up and do any set-up without the cards being activated. Having to do all this with an installer impatiently waiting around worries me.

I ask these additional questions as I wonder about the wisdom of buying this new TiVo HD box in advance of transitioning to this service. It sounds more like I will need to purchase at the same time and do some careful coordinating and scheduling. Perhaps, I need to examine those FAQs and demos more. :confused:
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I ended up getting mine about a week ago and couldn't get a FIOS tech out until yesterday. I went ahead and plugged it all up and went through the guided setup. I can't remember where I read it, but seem to recall reading somewhere that it's best to go through some of the setup steps ahead of the installers. After they activated the cable cards yesterday, it did have to go through the guided setup again to see the new channels, but it didn't seem to take as long as the initial setup...
I'm in Exton and I've had FIOS and FIOS TV for some time now. The tech followed the instructions in the box to the letter and the install was relatively painless. I get the feeling it's much easier than with other providers because Verizon doesn't actually pair the cards to your device. I had my installer create a few new patch cables and run up the paperwork on taking away two STBs and it took him a grand total of 40 minutes for the TV install.

The only real catch to the install is that you should make sure that they've tested the output at the coax wall jack BEFORE you plug in the TiVo, STBs, or the Actiontec router as the ONT puts out a wickedly-hot signal (I know, my first Actiontec router literally went up in smoke).

You may also want to check all of your channels (on both CableCARDs) before the tech leaves to make sure that you're getting all of the channels you're supposed to.

Oh, and I'm using (2) S-Cards with my S3. I don't believe that Verizon has M-Cards here yet so even if you get the TiVo HD you'll still need two cards for the near future.

EDIT: Hey! 100th post!
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