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Model TCD652160

Might buy this used TiVO for DVR'ing of OTA programs.

Can I get programming subscription service from TiVO? (Yes, I know it's spendy...) It's hard to Google an answer due to the (relatively) extreme old age of this model and the discussions I find (some discussions seem to say "yes" but are dated 2011, and some say no which are a bit later).
You can't get a new monthly service or new lifetime service activation for an HD model (the one you list) as they just changed that policy in the last month or so. One with lifetime services will continue to work of course and the lifetime service can be transferred to your account. This change affected any S1, S2, S3 or HD model. Premiere, Roamio and the new Bolt can still be activated.

You can pick up S3 or HD models with lifetime pretty inexpensively right now on eBay, but you might want to look at a 2 tuner Premiere which will get you the newer HD interface and access to streaming services.

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