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I have an RCA Directv box and a Series 2 Tivo. It worked before, but after moving furniture, I think the cords weren't put back properly. I'm confused with the back of the Directv box because it's different than the examples in the Tivo diagrams.

The back of the RCA Directv box has:
--Out to TV
--In from ANT
--Satellite in
--Composite Video/Audio jacks

We have a cable that goes into the wall, and one coming out from the floor. Where should each of these go? We also have a splitter that I tried having go into "Satellite in" and "In from ANT". I can't remember if the one from the floor goes into anything.

What plugs into the Tivo RF in, and RF out?

We also have a VCR.

I can't get the actual satellite picture to show up on the TV. Tivo comes up with program info but the screen for all the channels is black.

Can anyone help?///


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You need to figure out which cable is the Satellite dish connection .... either the wall coax or the one coming through the floor.

Assuming your TV has composite video inputs, connect the Tivo's composite outputs the TV's matching video/audio inputs. Connect the satellite dish cable to the Tivo's Satellite Input. Get that much working before you worry about the second coax cable (wall or floor).
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