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Stuck In Guided Setup.. I'm an idiot

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Ok, after being frustrated all day and having looked at probably a thousand post here, I decided to ask for help.

My situation:

I have a Series 2 - 80 Hour Box with the Netgear FA120 Wired network adapter. I use a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router, but only use the wireless with my laptop. I have configured everything over and over, but always get the "Your network adapter has not been set up for use with the DVR. (N08)".

I can connect to the server fine using TiVo Desktop and can transfer shows etc.

Seeing as I know nobody in this town with a phone line (college town), is there anyway I could setup something on my computer, such as a proxy or anything, that would allow me to escape this guided setup torture?
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So you have a wired adapter from the tivo to your router? Have you tried the ,#401 trick?
On some TiVo units guided setup only works with phone line. Once complete then the network can be added.
Oh.. well once I again I was an idiot...and left out that I have already done the Guided Setup once, but this is the first time setting it up without the phone line.
Anybody else have any ideas for running something on my computer that could help with this?
same problem here...
just got back to school and once again screwed by tivo
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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