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Streaming live recording from Premiere to XL - reboot

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I was streaming a show tonight which was recording on my Premiere, to my XL. At 9PM, when the show would've ended on the Premiere, my XL froze. I couldn't get it to respond, and when I finally did after a minute, the My Shows list on the Premiere was empty. I went to the other room to check on it and it had rebooted. Can the 20.2 software not handle streaming + closing out a recording at the same time? Highly annoying and could've ruined other recordings if it happened during a busy time.
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Just tried streaming for the first time just now, premier to XL and it hung and caused the XL to reboot as well. Of course it is primetime and interupted two recordings going on on the XL.

I've only just replaced my S3 with this XL and its rebooted a number of times on me so maybe this is just the premier is not as good as the S3 was. Can't say I'm too impressed with the new machine so far.
That isn't normal behavior. Normally it works great. I've been able to stream from one Premiere to three other Premieres concurrently without any issues. And I typically have been streaming at least one program daily since it was enabled and so far I have not had any problems with it.
Just tried streaming for the first time just now, premier to XL and it hung and caused the XL to reboot as well.
I used streaming A LOT. I've had the same thing happen a few times as well. It's always the receiving (client) Premiere that seems to reboot. In my case shortly after the "Please Wait..." banner goes away I get a black screen and then the Premiere doesn't respond to remote control and in about 1-2 minutes automatically reboots itself. From what I recall I believe the 3 or so times this has happened (out of probably well over 50 attempts) I was streaming a show that was still recording on the host, but I can't confirm for sure that was the case. But yes I think there is some instability in some cases caused by streaming that will lead to a freeze/reboot on the client side.
That is exactly what happened with me and I was also streaming a show that was recording on the remote TiVo.

The problem is all three of my Premiers hang and reboot from time to time so I'm never sure if this was a randon reboot or a particular problem. All in all the Premier is much less reliable than the S3 which just runs and runs and runs faultlessly.
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